CognitoIQ Mobile

Go Incremental assisted CognitoIQ in launching the next generation of their industry leading Mobile Workforce Management solution on the AWS cloud platform. Go Incremental helped in architect the AWS based solution to be highly available, performant at scale and secure, whilst also providing actionable insights into cost saving opportunities using the flexibility of the AWS platform. Go Incremental also helped in spreading AWS knowledge across our organistaion, and with scripting and automating the creation of our infrastructure; allowing us to provision multiple elasticly sized environments, each within their own dedicated VPC.  We anticipate that an increasing number of our customers will start  to take advantage of our new AWS based cloud offering over the coming months.

Dave Webb, COO, Cognito IQ

Value Flow Quality

The VFQ platform needed to securely store watermarked training materials, and ensure authenticated access to the documents via the online website.Solution: Go Incremental architected and developed a solution using S3 to store the watermarked documents, and STS to generate temporary client side access tokens, allowing the documents to be securely downloaded directly from client side javascript code running on the website, without having to proxy (and put additional load) through our web server. VFQ has been able to host all its training materials without worrying about provisioning extra server and storage capacity, providing us with improved site performance, great reliability and reduced costs, compared to deploying a similar solution on our exisiting web server infrastructure.

Phil Black, COO, Emergn